Newly opened by a former Navy Reservist, QuickDraw Nashville is an indoor virtual gun range where civilians and law enforcement can train on virtual firearm training simulators, manufactured by Meggitt Training Systems, just like the ones law enforcement organizations around the country use to train.

With 380 different scenarios from terrorists on an airplane to gunmen in a mall, and even zombies – and 4,500 different outcomes of those scenarios – shooters can train to learn how to better defend themselves and take out the bad guys without harming innocent bystanders, expending ammunition or wearing heavy protection.

“It is very realistic,” says a local law enforcement officer who has used the simulators. “It puts you in those scenarios and it makes you think about things you wouldn’t ordinarily think about because of your adrenaline, not having had that experience or been in that scenario. You can talk about it and figure out what you would do differently in shoot/don’t shoot situations.”

QuickDraw has three simulation rooms available for 30-minute sessions, outfitted with modified handguns, M-16s and a 12-gauge shotgun.

Thirty-minute sessions will run $20, with target-practice only sessions at $20 per hour.

Rates for memberships and organization team-building events are also available.

Practice at QuickDraw and Save Your Ammo!